A Powerful Platform for Surron DIY Projects

Custom Creations

practical & Playful

Can be equipped with numerous accessories and adapters, range extender batteries, charger, cargo, fishing rod, lights, GPS, surfboard, flag, molly bags, ladder, filming gear, and utility boxes, etc.


Unleash Your Individuality with Our Unique Rack Modular and 9 Colors Combinations

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The weight capacity of the rear rack can easily support the weight of a girl.(MAX.200LB)

Youtube: @RunPlayBack
"SKRMOD LBX Rack Kit: The Surron Upgrade You Didn't Know You Needed!"

Make group riding more enjoyable and convenient for carrying items.

The black LBX rack kit is a cool and versatile choice. It looks just like the Dark Knight.

Great versatile rack for putting my extended range battery, basket for groceries, and a whole bunch of uses.

If you want to bring along the extended range battery when going out, the LBX rack kit will be the perfect companion.

Installing the LBX rack makes it convenient to carry range extender batteries, first aid kits, and refreshments.

You can DIY install taillights, turn signals, and license plates. The complete assembly designed by Skrmod soon to be available!

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We are doing a brand cross over with brand EVMOD. They got great headlight mods for Surron and more