Skrmod, a team brimming with passion and creativity, was established a year ago. Our CEO and the company originated in Hawaii. Since then, we have expanded and moved our office to China, operating our design and production processes overseas. Additionally, we operate a warehouse in Hayward, California. Your products will be shipped directly within the US.


 We bring a unique perspective to redefine the off-road vehicle experience, aiming to add more fun and meaning to your off-road adventures. Our products are designed to break traditions, crafting innovative and practical accessories for off-road enthusiasts. By addressing the challenges of daily commuting, enhancing the excitement of off-road stunts, we strive to make every drive a unique adventure.



- Experienced Design Team: We have an experienced team of designers responsible for aspects such as appearance, structure, and modeling.
Professional Operations Teams: We have a professional website and store operations team, as well as an after-sales service team.
Advanced CNC Manufacturing: With our own advanced CNC manufacturing facility, we ensure high-quality products.
Efficient Packaging and Shipping: Our reliable and efficient packaging and shipping team, along with a warehouse in the United States.

We are dedicated to creating an excellent shopping experience for customers, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and service!


We refuse to be confined by conventions and pursue excellence. By integrating every aspect of our operation, we seamlessly connect design, production, and service, offering you more personalized and thoughtful solutions.


At Skrmod, we don't just provide products; we are committed to building a new off-road culture. We firmly believe that off-road adventures are not just a sport but a lifestyle. Join us on your off-road journey and create your off-road legend.


Thank you for your interest and support in our products! If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information:
- Chat Support: Click on the "CHAT" option in the bottom left corner of our website.
- Email: Email us at official@skrmod.com.

Your inquiries and feedback are valuable to us, and we are here to assist you.Thank you for being a part of the Skrmod community!