[Presale Coupon] Skrmod Sur-Ron LBX Upgrade Subframe $109 off Presale Coupon
[Presale Coupon] Skrmod Sur-Ron LBX Upgrade Subframe $109 off Presale Coupon
[Presale Coupon] Skrmod Sur-Ron LBX Upgrade Subframe $109 off Presale Coupon
[Presale Coupon] Skrmod Sur-Ron LBX Upgrade Subframe $109 off Presale Coupon
[Presale Coupon] Skrmod Sur-Ron LBX Upgrade Subframe $109 off Presale Coupon


[Presale Coupon] Skrmod Sur-Ron LBX Upgrade Subframe $109 off Presale Coupon

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Color-Matching Coupon:Bronze

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We do custom design for your special need.  For example, if you need a adapter for your sear frame riser to install our rack kit, we can design a special adapter for you. It only takes some time. Nothing can't be done with our engineer team. 

We're here to address any concerns you may have while shopping. Our dedicated team ensures quality and innovation in our products. Questions about functionality, usage, or your package? Feel free to reach out!

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Recap & Next Flash Sale Dates

Last Flash Sale:

The July 6th flash sale is completely sold out! Thank you all for your support and love!

Next Flash Sale Dates:

Tentatively set for 8.1-8.7


Before the pre-sale rush, customers can get the pre-sale coupons first to enjoy a very cost-effective discount! Coupon redemption will stop when the pre-sale rush begins. Please claim them as soon as possible!


Activity Rules

Phase 1: Claim the Presale Coupon

1. Color Selection and Ordering: During the coupon period, customers can choose their preferred color, place an order for $0, and receive a $109 coupon for the corresponding color.

2. Email Confirmation and Coupon: After successful ordering, customers will receive a confirmation email containing an exclusive coupon code. If you haven't received it, please PM us on Instagram or Facebook @SkrmodOfficial. Please attach your order number, such as #skrmod1888 

3. Use of Presale Coupon: Please keep your discount code to use during the official preslale launch.


Phase 2: Official Presale

1. Flash Sale Mode: During the official presale launch, products will be limited in quantity and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to production processes and capacity, each sale will have approximately 20-30 units available.

2. Limited Edition Sale Mode: Customers purchasing the limited edition do not need to wait for the presale and can directly place an order for purchase right now. Does not participate in any discounts.

3. Price Description:

Customers WITH Presale Coupons: Purchase price is $249, and the discount cannot be combined with other offers.

3. Non-cumulative Discounts: Presale coupons and launch discounts cannot be combined. Customers can only choose one type of discount.


Important Notes

1. Limited Availability: Due to the complexity of the product craftsmanship and the longer production time required, coupled with limited production capacity, we will have a limited quantity this time—approximately only 30 kits. Once sold out, there may be a wait of around 1 months for the next batch, though this timeline may vary based on actual circumstances..

2. Price Difference: Customers with presale coupons will enjoy a more favorable price compared to those without. Purchase price will be determined based on the current flash sale. We encourage everyone to actively participate in the presale event.

3. Coupon Collection Restrictions: Please redeem the coupons moderately according to your needs and leave the coupons to those who need them. In case of malicious mass ordering of redemption coupons, the relevant account will be blacklisted and disqualified from future purchases. Thank you!

We hope these rules help facilitate a smooth and successful event. For any questions, please contact our customer service. Please private message us on instagram @SkrmodOfficial