Skrmod Seat S1 - for Sur-Ron LBX
Skrmod Seat S1 - for Sur-Ron LBX
Skrmod Seat S1 - for Sur-Ron LBX


Skrmod Seat S1 - for Sur-Ron LBX

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We do custom design for your special need.  For example, if you need a adapter for your sear frame riser to install our rack kit, we can design a special adapter for you. It only takes some time. Nothing can't be done with our engineer team. 

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Skrmod Team


About 10 days.


- Sur-Ron LBX Light Bee X 


- Leather: Yacht leather, a material more expensive than genuine leather and better suited for outdoor use.
- Design: Custom handcrafted by our designers, each piece is sculpted with tools.


- Skrmod Custom Creations.
- Color Customization: We accept color customization. Please PM me.
- Customized Services: Any suggestions for improvement are welcome and we can try to customize it for you! Please DM Us. Approx. 10-20 Days for Custom Orders.


- 1 x Seat


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