Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit
Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit


Rear Rack for Sur-Ron LBX Rack Kit

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- Sur-Ron LBX Light Bee X
- Segway X260
- Segway X160
Pair with upper and lower base for non-destructive installation and strong load-bearing. Recommend adding side racks and handles for enhanced appearance and weight-bearing capability!


- Material: Crafted from high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The full combo weights only 1080 grams without the bolts.
- Manufacturing Process: Utilizing precision CNC machining for impeccable craftsmanship.
- Surface Treatment: Enhanced through sandblasting for a uniformly refined surface.
- Corrosion Resistance: Anodized for superior resistance to corrosion.


The Sur-Ron LBX rack kit can be equipped with numerous accessories and adapters to serve various purposes (range extender batteries, charger, cargo, fishing rod, lights, GPS, surfboard, flag, molly bags, ladder, filming gear, and utility boxes, etc).

- Modular Design Options:Install only the necessary components, upper and lower bases; side handles, side racks are all optional.
- Rear Rack:

   * Accommodates both cargo and passengers, supporting a maximum cargo capacity of 200LB. 
   * Can be used for storage of range extender batteries and chargers, bag storage, expanded with stunt kits, and features a perforated design for DIY enthusiasts, providing numerous customization possibilities and high playability.


- Part:  1 x Rear rack
- Bolts:  This packages comes with all the 304 stainless steel bolts.


- Light color variation may occur in color anodized production runs
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- Note the stock fender installation step is missing in this video, It will be updated soon, let us know you if you have question about it.