Stun kit is coming soon

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The picture is one of our many prototypes, It is not been finalized yet.

 ( We are still on the stage of prototype development - 2024/2/9)

Later this year, after we finished all the development stages. The stun kit will be released, 

it will work on all the bike modes that installed our rack base and rear rack.


  • Modular Designed:  The rack kit and stun kit will be compatible to each other. 
  • Mounting Point: will be installed base on the upper and lower base of rack kit, and the rear rack of rack kit. 
  • Frame Re-enforcer will be some new modular design that secures the base frame for prevent bending or breaking.  
  • Compatibility: The side handle bars and side racks are optional and also compatible with the stun kit setup.  

Leave your comment if you have any suggestion. We will build what you wanted. 

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